Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hmmm.. what can i say

wheww... i'm starting to get tired of my everyday life.. the same routines everyday.. it sucks.. i think i'm going down on my scores in college.. i need refreshing now.. trying to find out something new.. i wanna get away from the reality, but that's not an option for me.. i don't understand how i feel now.. i feel like i'm hoping too much for everything in my life... maybe i can't get more than this.. but still.. i want to move on my path.. err.. the only thin that's been bothering me is Her.. up to this day.. i still don't know why.. i mean.. what's so special about me?? i'm just a normal boy.. i'm not that handsome.. i'm not that good.. i'm not that kind.. i'm not that special.. am i seem superhuman?? i think not.. err... it's been bothering me.. all night.. when she called me.. i just don't know what else to do.. i'm fucked.. maybe it's because i'm getting too empathic toward others..
phew.. this is screwing me up.. i wanna fly.. someone.. please help.. take away my pain.. if it can be an angel, i'd be grateful.. but if it's a devil, then i'll try to bear with it..

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